Subtle but Sure Ways to Showcase Your Hairstyling Skills

Beautiful long hairYou do not have to mention all your certifications when talking to each customer for them to believe that you have the skills to respect their hair when you cut and style it. Your actions say a lot about you, especially when you recommend certain styles.

Considering the following factors and how you and your client can work together for a haircut that satisfies them:

Face Shape

Each person will look different in a certain hairstyle because of their face shape and features. It takes skill to imagine how they will look after the cut, and you also need patience to explain to a client who thinks they know better.

Use tools such as swivel hair cutting shears to achieve the style they want without ruining their hair in the process. You want them satisfied with your work if you expect them to come back for their next hair appointment.

Natural Hair

Styling natural hair can be daunting for the unskilled, so your clients will appreciate tips to keep their hair healthy without resorting to a lot of chemical-using procedures. If they ask for a cut that makes their hair look tamer, you need to pay attention to its texture and growth to get beautiful results.

Hairstyling is all about respecting the natural properties of the hair and improving where necessary; it’s not about hiding natural curls or going for a very short cut that does not complement their face, just because you can’t be bothered.


Some clients ask for a style that helps them get ready for a busy day faster. You might recommend a short bob, but if their hair is frizzy, it might take more time to tame it than if they had a long hair.

Consider their lifestyle and talk to them about their usual routine, so you know what kind of grooming they are already doing. Especially if they are considering something bold, such as gem roots, work with your client, so they’ll be more open to trusting your suggestions.

Your client’s hair is on the line when they visit your salon. You’ve got one chance to impress them, so do your best.