Installing Wall Murals and Artwork in Your Office? Check Out This Quick Guide

A Man Painting A MuralArt pieces are a fantastic addition to an office space. They, in general, offer a unique vibe to the workplace’s design. Specific artworks, such as wall murals, are a fun and creative way to breathe life to cold, bare walls. Not every artwork, however, blends well into an office space. Companies planning to install or commission artwork should keep these things in mind.

Ask for the Opinion of the Employees

Employees are one of the groups that would benefit from the addition of office artwork. One study, in fact, found that a beautifully designed office space could increase worker productivity by as much as 30 percent. So, if you plan on installing office art, ask your employees what type of artwork they would like to be greeted with each day. Allowing employees to express their opinion about the installation of a piece of workplace art is a great way to give them a say in the aesthetics of the office.

Choose an Artwork that Matches the Company Brand and Values

While listening to the voice of your employees is important, it’s also essential to go for an artwork that promotes the brand and values of your company. Carefully selected office art can convey a clear yet subtle message that reinforces brand values. A good example is a wall mural that highlights the company’s history. This promotes a feeling of nostalgia and emphasizes security and longevity. If you ever need inspiration for corporate wall murals, you can browse the fantastic portfolio of

Take Budget into Account

Although having artwork that features your company’s brand and values is great for employees and clients, there’s a good chance you’ll hesitate to install one given that they can be pricey. If you’re looking to motivate workers and impress clients but don’t have the budget to have art commissioned just yet, you can rent artwork instead. Alternately, consider employing young and up-and-coming artists for commissioned works as they likely charge less than established artists.

Asking for employee opinion, choosing office art that matches organizational brand and values, and making budget considerations can help you pick and put up the right artwork for your office. If you’re still unsure of which artwork best fits your office space, consult a professional, such as an interior art designer, who can help you pick out suitable office art.