Contemporary Design Ideas for Concrete Driveways

man laying driveway pavementAmong the integral parts of your home’s overall look is the driveway. Guests and passers-by will, after all, form an impression of your house based on its exteriors. It is hence essential to ensure it matches your home’s overall look.

There is a myriad of designs you can select for your driveway. Just ask Oakleigh Manor. For homes in Kent with a contemporary design, however, some innovative modern designs will be a better fit for their concrete driveways. Here are some of these designs.

Stencilled Patterns

Stencilled concrete patterns may be applied to existing or new driveways. These stencils come in various patterns, which you can combine to create a unique look.

The stencils can make your concrete driveway look like stone or pavers. They also allow the use of different colours on your driveway to create your choice designs and patterns.

Pebbled Designs

Pebbled concrete is also known as an exposed aggregate. Pebbled designs have been around for years, but there have been some unique additions recently that make it perfect for modern themes.

You can now opt for one pattern or colour throughout your driveway or merge it with other decorative methods to make a unique design. You could also use pebbled concrete to create a path to your garden, hence matching it to your driveway.

Stained Patterns

This design technique uses acid, which reacts with minerals present in your concrete to create various colours and patterns.

Your bare concrete driveway acquires a thick, lasting texture and colour after application of the acid. The driveway will also have swirling patterns that give a granite or marble appearance.

These contemporary design ideas are bound to turn your driveway into an art masterpiece. You should, however, ensure a landscaping expert handles the job. Shoddy work will leave your driveway looking drab and nothing like the masterpiece you aim to create.