Carpet Cleaning Methods for Different Fibres

rolled carpetYour carpets should be a one-off investment. To guarantee that carpets last for a long time, professional carpet cleaning at least twice annually is essential. There are various methods of professional carpet cleaning including wet and dry cleaning. There are several factors which determine the best cleaning method for your carpet including its size and design.

The fibre of your carpets is, however, the critical determinant of the ideal method of carpet cleaning in Bromley. Your carpet’s textile directly affects the ease of your carpet maintenance, its stain resistance and how it copes with various cleaning methods. Here is a guide to matching the technique of cleaning you choose and your carpet’s fibre.


This carpet textile is renowned for its ability to stay beautiful and soft for an extended period and hold up to considerable foot traffic. Though wool carpets are easy to dye, they also soak up various stains readily. Dry and wet carpet cleaning methods are both efficient and suitable for cleaning wood-blended and wool carpets.


Silk is used on delicate handmade rugs and carpets typically made in the Middle East and India. Hot water extraction and other wet cleaning methods are vigorous and might destroy the delicate silk fibre. Silk carpets and rugs are hence only cleaned using a dry cleaning method including dry foam, bonnet, and dry powder cleaning.

Artificial Fibres

These include polyester, nylon, olefin and acrylic fibres. Though considered inferior by some property owners, they are easy to clean and have better stain resistance compared to silk and wool. Carpets made from artificial fibres can hence be cleaned using both wet and dry cleaning methods.

When contracting a professional for your carpet cleaning, ensure that they share how they’ll be treating your carpet. Some carpets have attached cleaning instructions from their manufacturer which you can use to guide your carpet cleaner. By matching the fabric type and carpet cleaning method, you are guaranteed of clean and durable carpets.