Spotting Genuine before and after Shots

A camera taking focus If you have decided to have a facial aesthetics treatment like Ultherapy in Glasgow, one of the first steps is to do some research. This helps you to find a reputable practitioner who can adequately meet your needs. There are plenty of ways to estimate the level of care you will receive from checking out qualifications to looking at online reviews.

Many of us like to see what we are getting before taking the plunge. If you are seeking refinements to your look then visual impact is an important factor. That’s why most sites that offer treatments like Ultherapy will have before and after photos. However, looks can be deceiving. How can you be sure you are seeing two comparable shots?

The answer is that you can’t – before and after shots should be just one of the factors you consider before choosing a practitioner. However, there are some handy tips for spotting shots that are biased towards the after photo.

Pay Attention to the Eyes

The distance a photo is taken from has a big impact on the details of the picture. Minutiae like facial lines require a close-up shot in order to be visible. To make a treatment appear more effective, it’s easy to just take a photo from further away. If you are comparing two photos, make sure the eyes are the same size in each shot.

Chin/Nose Angle

If you lift your chin up, it naturally tightens the areas around the lower cheeks and the neckline. If the photos you are looking at are supposed to demonstrate the effect of Ultherapy in these areas then be sure that the chin and nose are at the same angle in each picture.

Make-Up or No Make-Up

Look carefully for signs of make-up in the after shot. People will still have natural blemishes and faint lines on the skin even after the most effective treatment. Compare the two shots in detail to make sure that things like freckles still show up after treatment.

Lighting Differences

Look at the background and the shine on the face of the patient. While no two shots will be exactly the same, you need to be aware that if the after shot is darker, any lines are less likely to show up.