Furnace Trouble: Tricks to Fix Them Immediately

Repairman performing maintenance checks Experiencing troubles in operating your heating system? Knowing a few troubleshooting techniques will guarantee the efficiency of your unit. Listed down are some of the most common furnace issues and steps on how you can fix them.

Cool Instead of Warm Air

Many things cause blower problems. The first step you must do is to check whether the thermostat adjusts correctly. If after doing that, there are still no changes in the air temperature then it could be because of dirty air filters.

Try cleaning your air filter because debris and dirt may not only block the airflow in your system but may also cause overheating and malfunction to your unit.

Problem on Switching the Panel On and Off

Before you take any step, check if the unit connects properly to a power source. If it is, then examine the unit because chances are the trouble lies on the wirings or fuses. For this task, it will be best to hire a trained and licensed technician for furnace repair in Utah, such as Whipple Service Champions.

Not Adjusting Thermostat

The first you must do is to check if the thermostat is fully functioning. If it is, look at the panel’s setting. You must ensure that the fan is on and that the thermostat is set along with it. Monitor the thermostat if it stays on continuously. Once confirmed you may now begin adjusting the temperature.

Weird Sounds or Noises

It is normal for a furnace to make loud sounds as they operate so this may not be something you should worry about. However, there are noises that may be far from normal. If you hear squealing or screeching sound, it may be a sign that your system may have detached or worn-out motor bearings.

Loud thumping sound also means that must be something wrong with the way the blower wheel balances itself. Examine it immediately so you can fix and resolve the issue.

Lack of knowledge on furnace repairs and maintenance may cost you a fortune and may bring discomfort to your peaceful home living. Be sure to follow these basic techniques.