4 Clear Signs Your AC Compressor Has Problems

Repair specialists fixing an AC unitYour AC’s compressor, which is in the external part of the system, is one of its most essential components. A major problem with this part may attract high repair costs, which is why it’s important to detect issues early enough before they get worse.

But how does one know the compressor might be experiencing problems, so they can seek air conditioning repair and installation services in Knoxville, TN before the whole system breaks down?

Here are some telltale signs.

There’s no longer cool air in the house

If the air in your home is no longer as cool as it used to be before when your AC was running, then it could be that you have a failing compressor. Chances are the compressor is unable to regulate the refrigerant flow so you can have cool air. Have a professional examine and fix the problem promptly.

Unusual noises from the system

When you notice shaking, shuttering and loud noises emanating from your AC system, then you should know that your unit’s compressor might about to become toast. These noises especially occur the moment you turn on the unit and indicate that the component is experiencing trouble turning on.

If you do not fix the problem immediately, then soon you may have a bigger issue.

The circuit breaker keeps tripping

As soon as your compressor begins to fail, you’ll notice that the circuit breaker starts tripping. What this means is that the component is overworking itself. An AC contractor should be able to fix the problem immediately.

The compressor clutch has stopped moving

Your AC’s compressor has a clutch that allows the pulley to engage or disengage from the engine. When this part fails, then the compressor stops functioning too as it is not receiving the power it needs to run.

The majority of failures on your AC’s compressor happen due to negligence. Appropriately responding to telltale signs that the compressor may be in trouble can help save it.