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Why Seeing an Orthodontist in Liverpool Makes Sense

May 5, 2018

People only get one set of adult teeth, and it pays to look after them as well as possible. If they are wonky, getting them straightened makes them a lot easier to keep clean and clean teeth last longer. Straightening teeth is not part of the job of a general […]


When You Don’t Have the Time: Quick Dental Hygiene

April 6, 2018

Overwhelming workloads and hectic lifestyles shouldn’t be excuses to skip proper dental hygiene. It’s a sad truth, but many of those who keep a busy schedule sometimes brush less than the recommended time of two minutes. Some, on the other hand, are so exhausted that they go to sleep without […]

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It’s No Joke, You Can Change the Appearance of Your Teeth

July 13, 2017

People love fancy dress parties, and part of fancy dress is often fake teeth. They’re usually pretty cheap from the fancy dress shop and feature really rotten looking teeth, or sexy vampire fangs. They’re clunky and hard to keep in place, or talk through, and no one would dream of […]

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Hidden Benefits of Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist in Manchester

July 12, 2017

With only 61% of adults in the UK visiting the dentist regularly, there is a strong need to stress the importance of regular dental visits. The reasons to visit your dentist regularly aren’t limited to the countless health reasons. Having a healthy and clean smile can also be a huge […]

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One Step Beyond General Dentistry

July 11, 2017

When someone decides to make an appointment with an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, they will be receiving treatment from someone who has spent five years at university studying dentistry. The orthodontist will have then gone on to spend a further three years doing a postgraduate course to become a Master […]


The Stable Base for Artificial Teeth

May 17, 2017

Losing just one tooth can have quite an effect on you, and when you start to lose more, the consequences increase exponentially. White we may think we can get away with one gap, the work our teeth do gets so much harder and replacing them becomes very important. Until the […]