Live in the South; Jumpstart Your Career

Young professionals working in the southFor young professionals in the Philippines, the choice of residence has never been more crucial. With Metro Manila’s packed trains and congested roads, you must live in the right location so you can focus on your career. But where can such a favorable location be found?

The answer? South. Down south

You’re probably skeptical with what you’ve just read. You’re likely thinking about the terrible reputation the south has, especially when it comes to the traffic situation. Well, the stories are not as bad as they seem. Though there’s no denying it can get sometimes congested, the other pros outweigh that particular con.

LNC The Square shares some good reasons for young pros to invest in a property in the south.

Closeness to Career Hubs

When you want to focus on your career, the number one priority is your home’s closeness to the office. It’s easier to do your job well without the stress of long commutes to and from your workplace, after all. In the south, you are very close to Alabang, Taguig, and Makati. Even if you want to go a bit further to Ortigas, commuting is fairly reasonable in terms of cost and time.

Healthier Lifestyle

“Sharpen the saw,” says Stephen Covey. He’s right. Your job isn’t all that matters; YOU matter. In the south, there are much more options for you to live a healthier lifestyle so you can rejuvenate and stay in top shape. The air is much cleaner and cycling is a pretty common activity. There are definitely venues for your sport of choice, too. Accessibility to gyms isn’t a problem either.

The Life in Work-Life Balance

Young pros need work-life balance and the south is where life is. From your local shopping center in Lancaster New City to the breathtaking view of Taal Lake in Tagaytay, there’s definitely a place to unwind. Whether you want to chill in a coffee shop or get your quick dose of Vitamin Sea, the south can cater to your idea of leisure.

If you’re a young pro, there’s simply no other place to be. Try it and you won’t regret it.