Three Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New House

Nice looking townhomesBuying a new home can be tricky especially for first-time buyers. It is very tempting to pick a model unit from one of the best cities for young homeowners and make a move. Nonetheless, it is important to prepare before making this decision. Unfortunately, some people rush to secure space without making the necessary arrangements. This leads to serious disorganization and as a result, failure to secure the property. Hamlet Homes, a real estate leader in northern Utah which offers new townhomes in Salt Lake City, shares three common mistakes made by home buyers and how to avoid them:

Committing to purchase without a pre-approved loan

Before you commit yourself to buying a house, make sure that you know the type of mortgage you qualify for. This is a mistake made by many homeowners who end up paying monthly payments they can’t afford. Most people fall into this problem because of the allure of the perfection of the model unit. In truth, a home should be cherished and not despised. It is important to inquire before you make any binding decisions.

Location, Location, Location

Another huge mistake made by home buyers is buying a home in a bad location. Again, the factor of excitement comes in to play here. Ensure that you visit the neighborhood on different occasions. It is important to check the planning of the locale to determine whether the value of your home will appreciate or depreciate. Ask about essentials like schools, malls, drainage systems and proposed roads. Finally, look at the near neighborhoods. Are they prime areas? Are the external amenities working?

Not hiring professionals

Home-buying is one of the biggest purchases in a person’s life, that’s why you cannot afford blunders. For this reason, it will be crucial to start this process assisted by professionals. Hire a professional lawyer and realtor for important legal and real estate decisions. Hire a professional for the home inspection. Choose someone who has a strong background and experience in building and engineering.


Buying a new home can be exciting. As such, most home buyers make mistakes that end up causing regrets. Avoiding these common mistakes will make your home-buying experience better. Remember to confirm the mortgage plan that fits your budget before committing to buy a home. Always consider the location, and hire pros to help you get a good deal.