Must-Haves for a Wedding Venue

Barn wedding venue with lanternsAre you planning a wedding in Kent, and are looking for a suitable venue? If so, there are many venues that may suit your wedding theme and budget. But what are the important things the venue should offer?

Here’s what to look for in a wedding venue in Kent:

Equipment Hire

The venue should offer rental services for items, such as chairs and tables, cutlery, and sound equipment. That minimises the worry of having to get more vendors to provide important services for the event.

Enough Space

wedding guest list contains the number of people that you expect to show up for your event. When creating a guest list, consider your family, friends, and other people who will show up without invitation. The venue you will choose should have adequate space to accommodate everyone who will attend the event.

Exclusive Booking

With the high demand for event venues, you need to confirm that the venue you choose is available only for you on your wedding day. That will give your wedding service vendors enough time to carry out their tasks comfortably. You will also enjoy your day in peace without worrying about interruption from another event in the same venue.

Competitive Charges

The amount you pay for your event venue should be equivalent to the facilities and services you enjoy. Therefore, do not hesitate to look around for more vendors if the venue’s charges do not concur with the amount that they are charging you.


The wedding venue should be easily accessible with different modes of transport. In addition, the venue should offer parking space for the cars that your wedding guests will bring.

A good venue is not only the place where you will entertain your wedding guests, but also is the place where you will spend the majority of the most important day of your life. Therefore, you will want it to have all the features you need for a successful wedding.