Me, Myself, and I: Taking Some ‘Me Time’

Woman enjoying her me time in a spaWhile socializing and having fun with friends is an important part of leading a healthy life, you also need to make time for yourself. Having “me time” can help you rest, recharge, decompress, and benefit your mental health. “Me time” does not necessarily translate to selfishness or being alone, but taking care and nurturing yourself.

What Does “Me Time” Mean?

“Me time” can mean different things to people. It is, however, not about cleaning your room or checking and answering e-mails. It is more about prioritizing yourself and doing something that can make you feel happy and refreshed. It could be a massage, a movie/karaoke night, going for a run, or anything that interests you.

Having Quality “Me Time”

The common ways to spend free time include watching TV, engaging in sports/recreation, and socializing and communicating with friends. You can also have a quality “me time” by pampering yourself. Massage service providers in Heber suggest taking a spa day, getting a mini makeover, and treating yourself something special.

Different Ways to Enjoy

You may want to spend some time for yourself for about 30 minutes to one hour every week if you’re too busy. It could be as simple as taking a walk, reading a book, cooking your favorite meal, or enjoying coffee or tea in the garden. It all depends on the amount of time you have. Note that it is not always advisable to spend your weekends at work or worrying about it.

More is Not Always Merrier

While “me time” is all about having fun and recharging batteries, attending a lot of parties and events may not always be the best time to relax and decompress. This is especially true if crowds take most your energy. It is okay to say no or leave the party early if you feel like doing so. Sometimes a quiet evening or catching up with a friend can help you cut some slack for your sanity’s sake.

Having “me time” can help you take good care of yourself and be a better friend, child, partner, or parent. Ditch the guilt and take some time to do the things you like and enjoy.