How to be Safer and Faster when Riding Off-Road

Guy on a dirt bikeRiding off-road is an incredibly fun way to explore the great outdoors. No speed limits, no cops, and if you fall over, there’s no concrete pavement to hit. It’s an entirely different experience than riding on the street. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a total beginner, these tips for riding an off-road motorcycle will help make your driving faster and safer.

Speed up and lean back in silt/sand/deep stuff

You’ve been told to slow down for safety when using your heavy bike or car, and it’s the best approach. On off-road on a light bike, however, not so much. You will be upright and stable when you apply more speed. The gyroscopic force of the wheels will keep your balance, and the momentum will help move you over through rough terrain like deep sand.

Adjust your clutch lever and operate with two fingers

Many off-road riding schools teach the importance of mastering clutch operation and throttle control. That includes adjusting the lever, so you operate it both using only your index and middle fingers. This way, you won’t have to alter your grip on the bars, making your responses smoother and quicker.

Push the bike down to turn

This sounds counter-intuitive if you’re fresh from street riding. With off-road, you practically have to push the bike down as far as you can while keeping your body straight on top of it. The lean angle allows you to make full use of the knobs on dirt tires and easily manoeuvre the slides that make riding off-road extremely exciting.

These aren’t all the things you need to know, but it’s a good place to start. You may realise that you can’t apply all the driving rules you follow on the street, but that’s just what makes off-road riding so much fun.