Does your face reflect how you feel?

Woman inspecting her face in the mirrorAs you get older, your appearance can give you a shock. Inside, you feel energetic and full of life but the mirror tells a different story. Wrinkles, lines and loss of tone in your face can diminish your looks and make you feel self-conscious. If you would like to improve your appearance, then you might like to consider work which focuses on your facial aesthetics. There are a range of services including botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers which are focused on making you look younger without surgical procedures. Dentists are well placed to provide these services as they have a good understanding of facial anatomy.

Why do I have lines?

To a certain extent, your appearance as you age is defined by genetic factors and reflects how you have lived. Even laughing can leave a long-term impression on your face. Your body naturally contains hyaluronic acid which acts as a plumping and lubricating agent. This reduces as we age, causing the lips and skin in other areas to lose tone and develop lines. Wrinkles can also be exacerbated by too much sun, smoking, lack of sleep, environmental factors and repetitive facial expressions such as smiling, squinting or frowning. The team at Ace Dental in Camden find that many people benefit from facial aesthetic procedures to reduce signs of ageing.

What is the difference between botulinum toxin and dermal fillers?

Botulinum toxin blocks nerve impulses and relaxes the tiny facial muscles. When it is injected into problem areas such as the forehead, eyebrows and around the eyes or lips, it can make your skin look smoother by reducing lines. The injections are quick and painless and you will see the results in under a week. An alternative treatment is dermal fillers which uses an injection of hyaluronic acid to enhance the lips and plump up lines in the skin on your face, neck and hands to make them look more youthful. The effects can last for between six and 12 months. Whichever you choose, your treatment could give you a look to match how you feel.