Caring for Your Horses: Create a Daily Checklist

Three different colored horses in a ranchTaking care of a horse is different from other domesticated farm animals. To ensure that your horse stays in impeccable health, create a checklist and make sure that you follow it every day.

1. Groom your horse.

Use a rubbery curry brush to groom your horse.  Make sure to do it in circular motions to prevent injuring your horses’ delicate skin. To remove dirt from your horse, use a dandy brush to flick away dirt from your horse’s hair.

For your horse’s mane and tail, use a mane comb to untangle your horse’s hair. Finally, clean your horse’s hooves and trim them every 3 to 8 weeks.

2. Give your horse the right feeds.

Give your horse lots of clean water to drink. Make sure to clean the water trough every day.

If you feed hay to your horse, make sure it is free from mould and dust. You can also provide small amounts of grain and New Zealand horse feed throughout the day, but make sure you are giving your horse the proper amount.

It is also best to feed your horse at the exact time every day. Horses love routine, and doing this can prevent serious digestive disorders such as colic.

3. Spend time with your horse.

Make sure to spend time with your horse in the paddock or stable. You should let the horse approach you. If you want to pet your horse, make sure you approach it in a calm, gentle demeanour. This could help create a bond of trust and friendship between you and your horse.

4. Have regular visits from a vet.

It’s always best that a veterinarian specialising in horses see your horse regularly. Doing this could help you to know the signs and symptoms of equine diseases.

Horses are special animals, and it takes a special person to take care of them. Know what it takes to be that person in your horse’s life.