3 Useful Surprise Party Planning Tips

Group of friends having a partyPlanning in itself is already challenging, so what more if you have to keep it a secret from the celebrant. Surprise parties can be rewarding, but it does need careful planning and coordination from everyone involved. If you are planning a surprise birthday bash, here are some important tips:

Have a Theme

The birthday party will be more exciting if you have a theme. If you are holding the party at a hotel it can be a 60s, 70s, or 80s-themed depending on what you think the celebrant fancies. If they are an outdoor person, you can hold the party at a private pool or beach resort for a more relaxed and chill vibe.

Whatever you decide, make sure all the guests are informed so they can dress appropriately. You can decorate the venue to match the theme of the party, as well.

Great Music and Lights

No party is complete without great music and lights. If you are having a dance party, music will play an integral role in the setup. If you are doing a 70s theme, then you need to have a disco music and light setup — complete with strobe lights and mirror balls. This requires some expertise and experience, so it would be better to hire a service provider with a good track record than doing it yourself.

For big crowds, it is ideal to book sound equipment for hire weeks ahead of the party. This is so they can give you a sample playlist, especially if your music needs to come from a specific period.

Bring the Food and the Celebrant

Caterers are likewise an important aspect. If you are booking a hotel or resort, however, most of their packages already come with food and beverages. You will only need to ask about corkage fees if you will be bringing in hard drinks.

Finally, make sure you have a good, solid plan to bring in the celebrant. All your party preparations will be for naught if the birthday celebrant fails to get to the venue. Have fun celebrating!