3 Simple and Elegant Ways to Decorate Your Pool Area

a pool at a homeWhile pools can be a refreshing addition to any home, maintaining it can be challenging. You can always hire services for pool cleaning in McKinney, TX to change your water and scrub your pool floor, but keeping your pool surroundings needs more work from you as the owner.

Messy pool landscaping can easily make your water dirty, or worse, be dangerous for the swimmers. Here are three simple yet elegant ways to design around your pool to give it the relaxing ambiance it deserves.

Wooden floors and wicker chairs

Both in dark shades, these two make an elegant couple around a simple rectangular pool. Install yellow lights around the area for a lovely evening dip. Match them with off-white canvass drapes in a nearby pool house to complete that countryside pool setting that’s perfect for a summer date or a spring break party.

Paradise in your backyard

Install fake white rocks in different sizes around your pool. Match them with a wooden plank diving board, large palm trees, and birds of paradise around the pool area to make you feel you’re stepping out into paradise island in your own backyard.

Bring the beach to you

It may not be salt water, but there you can have shells and coconuts, too. The beach entry pool design is becoming more popular these days. Instead of having stairs, your pool will start from a very shallow end going deeper, just like stepping into a beach. You can install shells on the walkway to your pool and have coconut trees around it.

Designing your pool area will need careful planning and consideration. Choose a design that matches your taste and the overall look of your home. But above all else, keep safety a priority, so you and your whole family can enjoy this luxurious addition to your humble abode.