Winning the Custody Battle: Key Points to Remember

Colorful child custody letters and a gavelAs you’re undergoing a divorce and discussing child custody, certain family issues will come up. It pays to be honest about what you are going through, and both parties need to consider the best interest of the children throughout the process. If you want full custody of your children, show everyone that you are the better parent (or in a better position) to care for them.

Here are some key points to remember when seeking custody of your kids:

Be Emotionally Available

Making your child trust you is one thing you will need to do on your own while your child custody lawyer in Kent is ironing out the arrangements. Deep down, your children know that they matter to you. However, they need assurance, especially at a difficult time, such as a divorce.

Children want to be assured that they are loved and that parents are willing to listen to their problems. You need to persevere to get the message across, especially if you suspect that they are battling a mental health issue.

Offer Unwavering Support

It’s good for your children to know that you are ready to offer support. When children make a mistake, they fear the punishment, and this could cause them to build walls around themselves. Show them it’s okay to make mistakes as long as they learn from them, and that you will love them regardless.

Be Financially Secure

The court does not grant full custody depending on which parent earns more, but it will surely help with your case if you are financially stable. You need to show the court that you can provide for your child. If you are too busy working to make ends meet, how much attention can you give your children? The decision does not depend solely on the money; it’s always about the children’s best interest.

The court considers several things when granting full custody, including the child’s personal wishes. Earn your child or children’s trust, so they’ll want to stay with you. Follow these reminders and the recommendations of your custody lawyer to increase your chances of getting a favorable result.