Why You Should Not Delay Talking to a Personal Injury Lawyer

A lawyer talking to a womanSeeking immediate medical attention is the top priority after being involved in a car accident. After seeing a doctor, acting quickly can positively impact the outcome of your personal injury claim. Conversely, waiting for long before pursuing your claim may hurt you in many ways.

Here are some good reasons you should not delay your claim:

Statute of limitations may expire

In Queensland, the Limitation Act imposes strict time limits within which legal proceedings must be started. Accordingly, personal injury attorneys in Townsville must act within the set periods. Your legitimate claim may get statute barred if you bring it after the time limit has expired.

Risk of loss of evidence and witnesses

The more you wait to pursue your personal injury claim, the higher the chance that some critical evidence, information or witness may be lost. A loss of any of these key requirements will diminish the value of your now hard-to-prove case.

The at-fault driver’s insurer may try to rush you

Soon after the accident, a representative from the insurer may try to get admissions and written or recorded statements from you. The idea is to get you to accept a low settlement before you have the time to get legal representation and understand your rights. Their adjuster is likely to make an unfair nominal offer knowing that you might accept to settle if you are hard pressed for cash.

In the aftermath of an accident, there are many good reasons not to wait to pursue your claim. As soon as you get medical attention, be sure to consult an experienced lawyer. If you have a viable claim, your personal injury attorney will help you gather evidence, commence legal proceedings within the stipulated timeline, and get the compensation you deserve.