Top 3 DUI Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

drinking alcohol while drivingMany people don’t take a DUI (driving under the influence) case with the seriousness it deserves until it’s too late. However, you ought to know that it’s a grave criminal offense, which can lead to suspension of your driving license and carries a possible jail term.

This is why you should avoid the pitfalls below if you are to get a favorable resolution.

Admitting that you are guilty

Never admit that you are guilty; even if the evidence collected suggests otherwise. Maintain your innocence and don’t give the police an easy time in proving their case. You need to know that even the test conducted at the time of arrest can become inadmissible in a court of law.

By maintaining that you are innocent, you will give your lawyer an upper hand when it comes to putting up a good defense.

Failure to lawyer up

With a plethora of criminal defense law firms in Marysville such as Feldman & Lee PS, representing yourself should never be an option. As much as you may be tempted to save some cash by pleading guilty or representing yourself, you will end up losing more than you would have as when you hire a good attorney.

You need to understand that the court will not be lenient with you just because you are not a lawyer. On the contrary, the judge will expect you to know the law and the rules governing a DUI case in your state.

Therefore, unless you are a trained lawyer, avoid taking that risk and instead hire the best DUI attorney your money can afford.

Ignoring your lawyer’s advice

Your lawyer went through training for a reason. Also, based on their experience with cases similar to yours, they are in an excellent position to give invaluable advice that can have a significant impact on your case’s outcome.

When you have a DUI offense, you need to act quickly and get the best DUI attorney you know. You also need to shield yourself from getting additional criminal charges by cooperating with the law enforcers. Moreover, avoiding the above mistakes will go a long way towards getting a favorable outcome.