Coping with Divorce: Why Men Find It More Difficult

Sad man having a hard time with his divorceWhen it comes to calling it quits in marriages, women have more courage to do so than men. Research suggests men face more challenges when coping with marriage dissolution, which may be the reason they don’t initiate divorce more often. Women, on the hand, have shown to handle divorce better than men, as they can emotionally adjust better.

Women, despite being referred to as romantics, initiate 69% of divorces. According to the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer, divorce is a lot harder on men, with some of them engaging in bad behaviors after the end of it. This may have something to do with cope behaviors; women grieve before they end a marriage, while men do so after it is all over. Men can also be more emotional than women, but they know how to hide it.

Bottling Their Emotions

Rio Rancho divorce attorneys and psychologists agree that many men don’t allow themselves to grieve properly for the loss of a marriage. They don’t always show how they are feeling, which is why they end up feeling lonely and depressed. In fact, some men were still sad about their relationship two years after the divorce. Women, meanwhile, rely on their family and friends and express their emotions.

Losing Confidence and Identity

Divorce can also make men feel that they are like losing a major part of their identity. This is true even for those with good jobs and high income. Men, who treat their relationship or family as the most important part of their lives, can sometimes lose their confidence. They also feel lost in the process of marriage dissolution, and after the divorce is all over.

Fears on Their Mind

Women deal with emotions better and have more courage to end an unhappy or a failing marriage. Men, on the other hand, usually face criticism because of commitment phobia. This may be true for some, but there are also other fears going on in their minds. Some are afraid that it may not work out, while others fear that their significant other will give up eventually.

As divorce is a lot harder on men, it is important not just to hire the right divorce attorney, but also psychological assistance. This can help them go through the process and deal with their emotions better.