Child Custody Battles: 3 Things You Should Remember

A gavel and colourful letters regarding child-custody and family-law conceptMany divorcing couples find it difficult to resolve child custody issues. This is true if one parent wants to move with the kids or is hesitant to negotiate with the other party. These things increase the length, as well as the cost of the settlement, as custody battle will require more time and effort from both parties and their attorneys.

If you are facing a custody battle and you and your spouse can’t work out an agreement, the court may order a custody evaluation. This means hiring a professional custody evaluator, which then add to the cost and length of marriage dissolution. This makes it important to adjust your expectations. It is never advisable not to let your spouse see or spend some time with the kids.

Seek Help and Prepare

Hiring a lawyer is the best way to boost your chances of getting the decision you deserve. You also need to do some preparations on your own, like writing down and documenting the things you do for your kids every day. and other family law lawyers agree that this is especially true if you want to show the judge that you are a responsible parent and the primary caretaker of the children.

Child Custody Decisions

Keep in mind that child custody decisions are based on the child’s best interest. This involves consideration of your lifestyle as well as parenting abilities, relationship with the kids, and residence. If an affair is involved, for instance, it would only affect the custody if it puts the children in inappropriate situations during the relationship.

Negotiating with the Other Parent

In many cases, an informal negotiation (along with lawyers) can let you avoid extra costs and processes. This involves working together to settle all custody and visitation and issues. The negotiation process varies in most cases, but this usually ends with a settlement or custody agreement. You can consult your lawyer when negotiating your position or before finalizing the agreement.

Regardless of your approach to settling child custody issues, it is best to hire a family law attorney. This is to protect your rights and guide you throughout the settlement.