Tile Trims for More Accurate Tiling Projects

Two workers fixing tilesAre you looking for tile trims for your next tiling project? Trims come in various finishes, colours and shapes that are suitable for different applications. That means you can find a stainless steel tile trim that will match your style and will give a perfect finish to your home or office.

Here are some of the other tasks that tile trims perform:

Protective Cover

Trims come with a plastic protective layer to place on the surface that you are working on, which you should leave during the entire tiling process. This cover keeps your tile surface clean. After you complete the tiling process, you should peel the cover to reveal the final finish.


During the tiling process, you cannot evade the process of cutting the trim when fitting along a line or a corner. If you are using metal trims, a hacksaw and mitre box will help you make precise cuts. For the plastic trims, you should use a hand tool with a dial feature for the right measurements and a mitre shear. For sharp cuts, ensure that you take your measurements at least twice and cut once.


By design, tile trims have a lip and an edge. If you want to apply the tile trim to a wall, apply adhesives onto the back side of the lips and place the edge in your desired position. You should then tile on the lip for secure placement of the trim.

With the right choice of stainless steel tile trims, you can be sure that you will achieve a clean and professional tiling job. However, among the common mistakes that most people make is the failure to match the depth of the tile to that of the trim. When the tile flush and the trim are in position, you can achieve a professional tile work.