The New Dream House: Preparing for Apartment Living

photo of a man and a woman holding a box getting ready to move in to new apartmentThe great Australian dream is changing. When before it’s about moving out and large, now it’s about moving up and small. More Aussies are flocking to apartments, more than getting homes. Mostly, it happens among millennials who are raising their own families.

Well-rooted in apartment living in their pre-family life, they find this residential arrangement easier to navigate. If you’re considering exploring apartment, here’s how you should prepare for it:

Find the one

Of course, the key to good apartment living is a good place. Not all apartments are the same. Some would give you greater access to commercial establishments. Others are situated in cultural hubs. Know what your lifestyle priorities are, and use that as a guide in searching for the one. Check out apartments in the West End, which are near commercial establishments, like shopping centres and restaurants, and kid-friendly spaces, like libraries, parks and schools, as well.


Space is a big consideration when it comes to apartment living, so reduce your stuff as much as you can. Even before you see apartments, you must adopt already the decluttering attitude and lifestyle, so you won’t get overwhelmed with the idea of cutting back a lot of stuff when you’re ready to move in. Learn to let go of some items. Teach your kids how to prioritise only the essentials also.

Be furniture-smart

Your space could get overly cluttered even with little stuff when they’re not kept neatly. So, make sure to invest in storage areas. It’s also important to have space-saving, multi-purpose furniture. Many seating furnishings can serve as storage areas, too. Some furniture can be a bed and a sofa as well. Such easy reconfigurations can help you take advantage of more space.

Apartment living has many perks. But if you’re not mentally and emotionally ready for it, it can be stressful. So, give yourself time to prepare for this new living arrangement.