Does My Attic Need Extra Insulation?

a houseConcerned that your attic needs more insulation? One of the quickest and effective ways to know for sure is to check your attic flooring. In general, if you see your existing insulation coming up just to the joists’ top section, you most likely need to add extra insulation.

On the other hand, if you can’t really see the joists because the insulation is effectively concealing and therefore still insulating them, your insulation is most likely still sufficient, so you won’t really benefit from adding more insulation – for the time being that is, explains A+ Insulation, an experienced attic insulation specialist in Kansas.

With this in mind, if you need to add extra insulation in your attic, here are some viable options:

Perfect for tight crevices

Blown in or loose fill insulation is ideal for filling in tight cracks as well as other hard to reach spaces. However, if you’re looking to DIY this project, think again, because you would need a machine for shooting the insulation material over the framing of your attic floor.

Install between floor framing

Blanket-type or roll-on insulation is basically rolls of fiberglass batts that could be installed between the floor framing. This material is easy to work with if you’re planning on the doing the task yourself. If your attic flooring already has some kind of insulation, start by rolling out the batts at right angles making sure to insulate the floor’s framing members.

Avoid compressing the batts so as not to reduce their efficiency.

Excellent for attic conversion

If you have plans of converting your attic into a finished room like a spare bedroom or playroom, for instance, sprayed foam polyurethane is an excellent option. However, it’s not your floor that needs extra insulation, but your floor.

While this option is more costly than both loose fill and blanket type insulation options, it has a significantly higher R-rating, and could more effectively block water vapor and mold snugly to the rafters.

So if you want to save as much as $600 per year, look no further than your attic and increase its insulation from a lowly R-11 up to R-49 with the suggestions above. If you’re not sure how much more insulation you need to add, consult a professional insulation installer in your area to get an accurate estimate.