4 Tips on Cleaning Your Sprayer Tank

sprayer tankFarming is fulfilling, especially when the result is a bountiful harvest. However, it takes proper planning and execution of your strategies to achieve your goals. Among the significant activities involved is spraying the plants. Since different crops need different spray types, there are varied products that go through the spray tank.

With this in mind, it is important to clean the tank thoroughly so that there are no chemical traces left. Cleaning will also prevent hardening of chemical residues while preventing corrosion and damage to your sprayer. This way, no chemical reactions will occur and your farm spray tank will be ready for the next use.

Here are some tips to make the cleaning process effortless:

1. Know the type of tank cleaner to use

There are different cleaning solutions available. Before you commence the process, read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to know what you should use. Some of the popular cleaning agents are ammonia, chlorine, and kerosene. In addition to cleaning agents, you can use sprayer cleaners that are designed to effectively neutralise and remove the chemicals in your tank.

2. Let the cleaning solution stand in the tank for the right amount of time

Some components in the agricultural chemicals contain oil and do not easily dissolve in water. Allowing your cleaning solution to sit for hours will help in getting the chemicals off the tank easily.

3. When using the same chemical the following day

If you are not done with spraying your crops and will be using the same chemicals later, there is no risk in the components. Just drain the tank in an area where the flow will not cause any harm to plants. Once drained, clean the inside of the tanks using a high-pressure nozzle. Follow this up by rinsing the tank and the sprayer with clean water.

4. Cleaning nozzles, strainers, and screens

These parts equally need proper cleaning to remove chemical traces. To do so efficiently, add a cleaning agent to clean water and put them in the solution for a while before cleaning them out.

Doing a thorough job when cleaning your spray tank will help prolong its service life while protecting your crops. Ensuring that you use the correct cleaning agent and apply the tips given above.