3 Ways You are Causing Home Plumbing Problems

Causes of Plumbing ProbelmsWhen your plumbing system is installed using quality fixtures and by the right professionals, it’s likely to take long before problems arise. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Having it regularly inspected helps you address damages when they are small and less costly.

However, you can even save more in your plumbing maintenance only if you check out on your waste disposal habits at home. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC, a company that offers plumbing and AC repair services in Salt Lake City, cites some of the things you must avoid pushing to your plumbing pipes and drains:

Pouring too many chemicals in your pipe system

Cleaning agents, such as chlorine bleach, anti-bacterial soaps, and drain cleaners are essential to ensure that proper hygiene prevails at your place. However, disposing them to the plumbing system in their highest concentrations can be troublesome and may force you to spend dearly on rooter services. When the chemicals enter the system, they kill bacteria required to break down wastes. This makes your septic tank functionless and the wastes causing discomfort at home.

Pouring grease and oils down kitchen sinks

Most of the foods in most homes is prepared using cooking oils and fats. When washing the dishes in the sinks, some people are used to pouring excess oils down the drains. Following up these oils can help reduce the clogging. But with time, the problem will develop into a costly damage. The best preventive measure is finding an alternative method of disposing of your grease and oil wastes.

Flushing everything down the toilet drains

Ideally, the only solid stuff that is supposed to go down toilet drains is the human waste. Any other items should be discarded using an alternative method. Unfortunately, some people do flush even insoluble papers, pieces of cloths, and other solid wastes down the drain, oblivious of the damages they are causing. Remember that your plumbing is a continuous system of interconnected pipes. When one is blocked, the entire system experiences backups.

Since you won’t be there every day to supervise what your kids and other family members do, it’s prudent to have a plumber inspect your pipes and drains for looming issues every now and then.