Why Seeing an Orthodontist in Liverpool Makes Sense

orthodontist explains x-ray resultsPeople only get one set of adult teeth, and it pays to look after them as well as possible. If they are wonky, getting them straightened makes them a lot easier to keep clean and clean teeth last longer. Straightening teeth is not part of the job of a general dentist.

It actually requires two or three years of extra study and training to become an orthodontist in Liverpool. There is a trend now to get mildly misaligned teeth straightened with particular devices that a general dentist can train to take measurements for in a few days. They send off the measurements to a central lab, where all the calculating and planning for the actual treatment takes place. These devices don’t work for all misalignments. It is worth finding out which practices, such as Liverpool Smile Studio, include a trained orthodontist in Liverpool on their staff.

A good orthodontist in Liverpool is certainly vital for children’s teeth. Advances in dental diagnostics, materials, equipment and devices, as well as understanding, over the past two or three decades, mean that orthodontists are beginning treatment for kids much earlier. Instead of waiting for teeth to come through, and finding out if they are wonky, an orthodontist in Liverpool can predict how the teeth will emerge and use braces to guide them into the right place as required. This means that the initial consultation, to find out how the teeth will emerge, takes place when the child is about seven years old.

They can start wearing braces when they are about nine years old and treatment can be over by the time they are 12, so they can go through the awful self-consciousness of being a teenager without the added burden of braces.

Some children may need to have their arches widened to make room for all the teeth to come through and the earlier this is done the better. After the age of 18, the jawbone sets hard and cannot be changed. Teeth can be moved with no upper age limit, so adults who missed the braces boat as teenagers can have straighter teeth too.