Why Invisalign Will Transform Your Smile

InvisalignGood dental health goes a long way in boosting self-confidence. Sadly, not many people can boast of having that because of some dental problems. One of the common ones is the misalignment of the teeth.

Fortunately, many dental clinics in Taree like Taree Dental Care offer Invisalign to fix this problem. These professionals help you achieve the perfect smile with the right procedure or treatment. There are four types of Invisalign that your dentist could offer, and it all depends on the extent of your dental problem.

Invisalign Full

This is the most popular procedure. Dentists use this to fix complex orthodontic issues. In this procedure, there is no limit on how many aligners a dentist can use on a patient, as it all depends on the dental condition. The treatment can last up to 18 months, depending on the result the patient wants to achieve.

Invisalign Lite

For patients with less complicated misalignments, this is the recommended procedure. A limited number of aligners are used to help in straightening the teeth. The treatment period is shorter as compared to that of Invisalign full, ranging from six to eight months.

Invisalign i7

This is the most modern kind of Invisalign and is often used to correct slight problems like a crooked tooth or overcrowding. It is also useful in cases where a patient has had a minor relapse from a previous orthodontic procedure. Invisalign i7 comprises not more than seven clear aligners.

Invisalign Teen

This is the ideal solution for teenagers, and the package comes with some extra benefits. The dental aligners include six free replacements. In addition to that, they come with tooth eruption tabs to plan the growth and eruption of the teenager’s growing teeth. You can also monitor the compliance of the aligners as well as the wear time with the help of the blue indicators.

Invisalign aligners are a great alternative to metal braces. Their clear feature makes them nearly invisible and gives the patient a beautiful smile without the discomfort of traditional aligners. But whatever kind of orthodontic treatment you choose, there is no excuse for having dental issues so find your dentist in Taree now.