Why Are Patients Going Abroad for Dental Treatment In Hungary?

a dentist talking to his patientHealth tourism is a growing industry. The term is frequently in the news in reference to people coming from other countries to be treated for free by the NHS. Since late 2017, healthcare providers in the UK have been required to check where patients who are seeking non-urgent care have come from and where they are living.

However, there is another side to health tourism. Many patients are now travelling from the UK to other countries to have medical care and private work, such as dental treatment. In Hungary, there is a growing infrastructure to support people who want to have elective procedures, such as dental implants. Companies that facilitate this, like Access Smile, are offering to guide patients through the whole process to ensure that they have support, after-care and access to experienced dental practitioners.

So, why are people choosing to have dental treatment in Hungary? Apart from the fact that Budapest, where most people go for treatment, is an outstanding city, some of the other reasons are discussed below.

Lower Costs

Perhaps the primary reason for most is so that they can take advantage of the substantially lower costs of some dental procedures. Estimates show that people can save up to 60% when they have their work done abroad. For some people, this means that they can access treatment, like tooth replacement, which would have previously been beyond their budget. Even with the cost of travel and accommodation added in, the potential savings are still highly motivating.


Getting dental treatment in Hungary is a great way to circumnavigate long waiting lists. Also, because of the way that treatment plans need to be structured to fit them into the window of a trip to Hungary, treatment is often completed faster than it would be at a clinic at home.


Some people do not want people to know that they are having dental treatment. By couching their treatment plans in the guise of a holiday, someone can go abroad, get their work done and recuperate on holiday. By the time they come back, they are refreshed, and their work is completed. No one needs to know the details of why they suddenly look great.