When Is A Cardiology Consult Urgent and Necessary

Cardiologist drawing a heart and heartbeat signA general physician may refer you to a cardiovascular medicine specialist if primary care is insufficient in managing your symptoms. Specialists and subspecialists in matters concerning the heart and vascular system of the body possess knowledge and skill to determine the cause of problems such as fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitation, and pain on the chest and leg.

Why do you need to invest time and resources on a specialist consult?

Focused care has many advantages. If you have diabetes, do not be surprised when your primary physical recommends a consult with a cardiology specialist in Gunnison. Even if you are not yet exhibiting cardiovascular symptoms, it is essential to learn about lifestyle changes to sustain the health of your heart and patency of the blood vessels.

Targeted cardiovascular care is recommended for a person with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. If routine blood tests and physical examination reveal high blood pressure, you will be asked by the primary physician to consult a cardiologist for a more specific diagnosis. High total cholesterol is a red flag.

Established healthcare institutions offering cardiovascular expertise to determine a differential diagnosis of unspecified leg pain, and physical exhaustion and fatigue that affects your ability to function in daily life. If you are a smoker, an important risk factor for cardiovascular disorders, then a cardiology consult is imminent.

When your family history compels a consultation

For many Americans, a significant family history of cardiovascular disease is enough motivation for a cardio referral. Congenital disorders of the heart in childhood are a leading factor. Lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean that you do not have a problem with the structure and function of the heart valves. An initial consultation could reveal problems with valves in the veins supplying the leg.

Requesting an appointment with a local cardiologist should be easy. Be ready to undergo additional tests for a more specific diagnosis. Prioritize heart health so that you can maintain your productivity and enjoy a fulfilling life.