What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic DentistryWhile traditional dentistry addresses the health of the teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry in West Malling will focus on the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for celebrities or the super wealthy. There is a wide variety of options and price ranges that put a more pleasing smile within reach for millions of people.

With today’s emphasis on youth and appearance, cosmetic dentistry in West Malling is becoming more popular than ever before. The fact is, few people have naturally perfect teeth but almost anyone can obtain a dazzling smile with the help of various forms of cosmetic dentistry.

Recent advances in cosmetic dentistry in West Malling allow dentists to offer everything from improved teeth whitening to translucent coverings for the teeth to complete smile makeovers. Cosmetic dentistry has been around for many decades but the materials used today are more durable and natural-looking than those used in the past and are evolving with the ever-increasing demands of patients.

Who To Choose For Cosmetic Dentistry In West Malling

The skill and experience of the dentist performing the cosmetic dentistry can have a huge impact the outcome of the procedures. It is very important to do research on the prospective dentist before jumping into the dental procedures. Reputable cosmetic dentists, such as One Smile Oral Care, are at the forefront of the cosmetic dentistry in West Malling.

What Procedures Are Available?

There are cosmetic dentistry procedures available for all budgets and time restraints. If time is an issue and the aim is brighter teeth, teeth whitening could be a good place to start. This procedure will brighten teeth that are discoloured or stained.

Another surgery widely available now is crown lengthening. This procedure sets to rectify a ‘gummy’ smile. This is when too much gum is visible in proportion to the teeth. People also have trouble with an uneven gum line. By removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth’s crown it can give the appearance of longer, more aesthetically pleasing teeth. This procedure involves minor oral surgery but recovery times are very quick.