What Do People Want From a Dental Clinic in W1?

Dental braces checkup of a young womanGoing to the dentist can be daunting for a lot of people, and even more so if the dentist is not in their native country but in a very big city where everything goes at 100 miles an hour (what are miles anyway? Surely it should be kilometres?) and the public transport system is overcrowded and so are the roads.

No one is going to want to have to be told by their dentist in W1 that if they want this slightly more complicated treatment they are going to have to be referred to a special dentist on the other side of the city. Far better to have all the various treatments that come under the dental umbrella under one roof, which is why large central dental clinics such as Harley Street Dental Clinic prove very popular with non-native residents of London.

What People Might Need From a Dentist in W1

People’s needs vary depending on how old they are and also what country they come from. UK natives have probably had access to good dentistry on the NHS as kids. People from other parts of the world may not and could be presenting with problems as adults that would have been fixed when they are children if they had been living in the UK. They might have teeth that are in far worse condition for their age than if they’d grown up here.

Such complex problems will require multiple methods of treatment. Someone might need extraction and teeth straightening, as well as some form of cosmetic treatment such as veneers, and replacement teeth in the form of dental implants. This is going to require more than one dentist with postgraduate training and a good clinic will have them all to hand and one person to oversee the succession of treatments to create cohesion from start to finish for the patient. The patient needs to feel like they are not being lost in a vast system of hundreds of patients. If they come from overseas, finding dental staff who can speak their language is also helpful in having treatment explained beforehand and for reassurance while it is being carried out.