The Only Thing You Have to Fear is Fear Itself

When people have lost a few teeth, their ability to bite and chew becomes compromised, and they can be forced to adjust their diet to one of soft food only, which can result in them becoming malnourished. The trouble is that traditional methods of replacing teeth -fixed bridges and full or partial dentures -only give back some of the functionality of the tooth. In North London, dental implants give back the full function.


This is one reason why in North London, dental implants are becoming the go-to method for replacing teeth. Unfortunately, some patients see this treatment as beyond their scope because they have dentophobia and the thought of spending an hour or two in a dentist’s chair is too much for them. Many dentists are aware of this and some, such as Adams Dental, go to particular lengths to ensure that nervous dental patients can go through implant surgery in a state of deep relaxation.


Less pain for sure


What puts a lot of people off the dentist is the pain they associate with the drill. It is true that having dental implants in North London inserted requires quite a lot of drilling. The dentist uses the drill to create the artificial sockets into which the implants are inserted. This can take a while because the dentist has to be very careful not to crack the bone. For this reason, they start off by drilling a hole with a fine drill, and then use bigger ones to widen the hole. It sounds far worse than it is and it certainly is nothing like as painful as having teeth drilled. This is for the simple reason that there are far fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than there are in the teeth. This is why a local anaesthetic is considered enough to number the area.


However, most dentists are aware that logic is not always enough and they would far rather their patients were relaxed than merely informed. This is why many offer oral, inhalation or intravenous sedation for this treatment. Some also offer hypnosis to aid with relaxation. Together these approaches mean more and more people can now enjoy the benefits of dental implants.