The Primary Reasons For Drug Addiction

Person suffering from drug abuseContrary to popular belief, drug addiction isn’t just a social problem for the morally weak. Environmental factors, co-occurring conditions, and genetic conditions are the primary reasons people abuse drugs. While it’s common for adolescents and pre-adolescents to experiment taking different drugs, some of these users will go into full-blown addiction if left unchecked.

Work related problems, peer pressure, and stress are some of the reasons adults abuse drugs. They usually need outpatient drug rehab in Utah.

Environmental circumstances

Environmental factors include poverty, social changes, peer influences, availability of drugs, and cultural attitudes. Take peer pressure for example. At one point or another, it’s likely that you have experienced the effect of peer influence. It is not a bad thing when peers compel you to do things you’re not comfortable with, but negative peer influence is. It plays a significant role in drug abuse and addiction

Genetic conditions

According to World Health Organization Report, genetics increases the likelihood of one abusing drugs. Further, genes dictate what extent a person will abuse the drugs. This explains why, despite everyone has access to drugs and alcohol, only some people get addicted.

Studies have shown that while no set of genes will directly make a person start abusing drugs, genes do play an important role in controlling behavior. In the same way genes dictate why some people are prone to certain illnesses, is the same way some individuals are more prone to abusing drugs.

Substance abuse has no set of rules on who to affect and who not to. But one thing about drug addiction is that the victims rarely take responsibility. Instead of playing the blame game, when you notice a loved one is abusing drugs, the best thing to do is to take charge of the situation and seek help immediately. Outpatient rehab services make it possible for one to enroll and continue with normal daily activities.