The Difference a Cosmetic Dentist in Bromley Can Make

Dentists standing in their officeWhat is wrong with wanting to look really great? Nothing. Looking good can do wonders for people’s confidence and having self-confidence can open doors in life as if by magic. One important part of the body that really makes a difference to people’s self-confidence is their smile.

Having a great smile is so much more important than having, say, really beautiful feet. Smiles are on display, or at least they should be, hundreds of times a day. Feet spend most of their time in great shoes. Getting a great smile means having the help of a cosmetic dentist in Bromley, and various dentists, including Bromley Dental Practice, offer cosmetic treatments.

Why the smile is important

Being able to smile is like being able to hear and speak. The smile is something that evolution has hardwired people to focus on when they meet people. A big smile tells them that this new person is warm and friendly and likely to be helpful. No smile, or a tight-lipped one, conveys the message that they are cold, possibly even an enemy. A big open smile also allows people to examine the state of the teeth, and so discover information about age and health. The whiter and more perfect the teeth, the more a message of youth and vigour comes across.

How to get that all important smile

A cosmetic dentist in Bromley has a range of treatments that can enhance the look of teeth, their size, shape and colour, as well as the way they are positioned on the jaw. Teeth should be white, free from imperfection and lined up neatly along the jawbone. When they are, the message of health is clear for all to see and that smile gets flashed at every opportunity.

Cosmetic treatments

Treatments can be administered as when and they are necessary, say, cosmetic bonding to cover over a chip that happened at football last week. Or, the cosmetic dentist in Bromley can give their patient a smile makeover, a combination of treatments decided upon after a consultation that looks at every aspect of the smile and mouth and the face it is housed in.