The Benefits of Dental CPD

Boy having his dental checkupMost people are on board with the idea of continuing professional development (CPD) but when faced with the sheer number of hours they have to rack up, CPD becomes a chore. When it comes to dental CPD in Watford, those in the dental profession can enjoy the benefits of CPD while also clocking in a good few hours towards their CPD quota thanks to engaging and informative dental conferences.

A quick internet search for dental CPD in Watford brings up an array of opportunities from various CPD providers. Wisbora Conferences is one such provider of quality CPD in the area.

What topics are covered by dental CPD in Watford?

If it relates to dentistry, it is probably covered by dental CPD in Watford. Clinical skills, improving the patient experience, safeguarding and the business aspects of running a dental practice are all areas addressed by CPD.

Dental professionals can add value to their dental team by learning more about a range of topics that all affect the running of a successful dental practice. These include:

  • Practising within the NHS rules and regulations;
  • Preparing for a CQC inspection;
  • Keeping abreast of dental tax update;
  • The essentials of getting mortgages and income protection for dental professionals;
  • Creating and managing a high-performance dental team;
  • Improving marketing skills for private treatments.

A full day spent learning about all the above topics earns dental professionals around 6 CPD hours. This does not include learning about dental radiography and radiation protection, which itself is a whole day’s work as part of the IRMER (Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations) course, which is also a part of dental CPD in Watford.

What are the requirements for dental CPD?

Dental CPD requirements vary according to the job held. Dentists must complete the highest number of dental CPD hours, clocking in 100 hours over five years. Over the same length of time dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians must complete 75 hours of dental CPD. Dental nurses and dental technicians must fulfil 50 hours of dental CPD every five years. In all cases at least ten hours of dental CPD must be completed for every two consecutive dental CPD years.