It’s No Joke, You Can Change the Appearance of Your Teeth

Collage of women smilingPeople love fancy dress parties, and part of fancy dress is often fake teeth. They’re usually pretty cheap from the fancy dress shop and feature really rotten looking teeth, or sexy vampire fangs. They’re clunky and hard to keep in place, or talk through, and no one would dream of eating in them. And they’re not all the far from the original veneers created for actors in Hollywood in the 1920s by dentist Charles Pincus.

In Essex, veneers in 2017 are in a completely different class from the early veneers and are used to fix all sorts of cosmetic dental issues by dentists throughout the county, including Simply Teeth. These days veneers are made of porcelain rather than Charles Pincus’s choice of acrylic.

Porcelain is used for veneers in Essex because it can be precisely colour-matched to the patient’s natural teeth and also because it has the same light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth and it resists staining better than resin or acylic. Porcelain is also highly durable and today’s veneers, which are really only wafer-thin, can be expected to last for more than 10 years, if they are well looked after.

The Process of Getting the Teeth Veneered

In Essex, veneers usually take only two appointments to be fitted, although there may be an initial consultation beforehand, when the patient comes with an issue around discolouration, mild misalignment of one or two teeth, chips and cracks, black triangles between the teeth, or possibly small teeth than could do with being bigger. Once a treatment plan has been drawn up and agreed, work can begin.

During the first appointment, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth to be veneered and colour-matches the porcelain. The information is sent to a technician who makes the veneers by hand. In a second appointment, the teeth are etched, removing a very thin layer, about 0.5mm, of enamel, to give the adhesive a rough surface to bond to. The veneers are put in place over the front of the teeth and the adhesive cured with a special light. There may be a follow-up appointment just to make sure that everything is going well, but that’s all there is to it!