Invisalign, Veneers & More Dental Improvements for the Hard-Worker

You work hard because you don’t wanInvisalign and a toothbrusht to be stuck in that same position for too long. You want to contribute more to the company, and you know you have what it takes to do it. Of course, a promotion also means quite a bit more money, so it’s a win-win.

While it is imperative that you prepare yourself and show you’ve got what it takes, it’s not just about hard work and dedication. Studies suggest that there is truth to how much your looks may affect your success. To give yourself a better chance at that promotion, invest in your appearance. Here are some suggestions.


A well-timed smile, the way your teeth show when you speak, these are only a few examples of how great teeth can make a case for your advancement at work. You might not be too thrilled about the prospect of wearing metal braces, but you have another choice to improve your teeth’s alignment. Invisalign treatment from practitioners in the UK such as MiSmile is a process that involves wearing ‘invisible’ plastic aligners. Your dentist replaces your aligners every two weeks or so, allowing enough time for your teeth to adjust. It may take a while before the treatment shows the optimum results, so it’s best to start it immediately. Before you know it, your colleagues and even your bosses may start complimenting you for your great teeth, and they never had a clue you were having work done.

Teeth Whitening

You may ask about teeth whitening kits at your local chemist’s, but nothing beats professional whitening techniques like Zoom! Your dentist applies the gel to your teeth and exposes it to a patented light to speed up the whitening. You may have to return for a couple more sessions, but your officemates may already notice the difference after the first. Straight, white teeth promise an improvement in your appearance that may help you get considered for that promotion early.

Bonding, Filling & Veneers

Some teeth do not respond to conventional whitening techniques. You may still improve your smile, however, by asking your dentist to fashion veneers to ‘cover’ your unsightly teeth. For chipped, cracked teeth and other imperfections, your dentist may advise you to bond or filling.

Your appearance is part of the package that may ultimately take you to the top of the corporate ladder. Invest in your smile by having work done on your teeth. Promotion or no, you simply owe it to yourself.