How to Better Handle Grief

Woman helping her grieving friendGrief is not something you can dictate — but there are ways to help people as they go through tough times in life. Here are some tips to consider when going through grief.

Seek professional help

Check out grief and bereavement programs, such as those offered by Center for Hospice Care, if you feel as though you can benefit from third-party help. The beauty of this method is that you will be exposed to other people who can relate to your situation but will not make you feel conscious about what you’re saying.

While friends and family can be helpful, some people find it easier to open up to strangers — especially if they are going through similar situations.


Exercise is perhaps one of the most actionable tips that practically help solve all problems. Working out helps produce hormones that uplift a person’s mood, causing them to become more optimistic afterward.

It also helps relieve stress and signs of strain, which can be common for grieving people. Exercise works much like a daily pill that helps regulate your mood throughout the day, making each moment a bit easier.


Crying is a normal response to grief. Never judge yourself if you ever decide to crawl into a ball and let all your emotions flow out. This is perfectly alright and should not be a source of shame.

Get some alone time

Give yourself even just 15 times each day to be alone and reflect. You can use this time to talk to your loved one who passed away — even if it’s just one-sided. You can also try creating something for them or looking at their pictures. It is often best to reconcile yourself by gradually exposing yourself to the truth.

People handle grief in different ways. It shouldn’t feel as though you should follow a specific pattern when trying to get past the emotions. Recovery should at one’s own time and pace.