Giving Teeth the Care They Deserve

Dental patient preparing for dental treatmentTeeth should last a lifetime but it is easy to forget about them apart from a quick clean in the morning and night. Prevention is better than cure and having dental problems can have a significant impact on quality of life. Effective care at home is essential for healthy teeth and gums but regular appointments with a dentist are also vital. This allows a dentist to spot difficulties early on and deal with them promptly, as well as providing advice on oral hygiene and cleaning procedures. Many people are not aware that a Soho dentist can also check for more serious problems such as mouth cancer and can help with issues such as stopping smoking, bad breath or snoring.

What will a Soho dentist do?

A dentist in Soho such as at PS Dental Care will offer care to reflect the changing needs of patients. At regular appointments, maintaining oral health is a priority but this is not the only aspect of dental care. Adults are often concerned with the appearance of their teeth so may be interested in cosmetic work. Patients with missing teeth may find dental implants, bridges or dentures useful. A dentist will also help in an emergency with problems such as knocked out or damaged teeth, severe pain, bleeding, abscesses and extractions.

How can a Soho dentist help improve appearance?

Regular check-ups and care at home are the bare minimum to create a beautiful smile as this keeps the gums and teeth strong. This avoids issues such as gum disease and cavities which are unsightly and have a negative effect on overall well being. However, there are also a range of services that can help enhance the way teeth look. Veneers or composite bonding can cover damage, make teeth look more even or improve their colour, while teeth whitening is another option for dealing with stains or discolouration. Crooked teeth can diminish the attractiveness of a smile but a good Soho dentist will have solutions to correct this. There is a range of discreet ways of straightening teeth and this can be combined with other techniques to give people a smile that they are proud of.