Fully Integrated Replacement Teeth

Modern dentistry now offers a procedure to replace teeth that is more reliable and long-lasting than getting temporary dentures in Kent. Dental implants can provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth. They look and feel natural and are much stronger than the removable alternative. By integrating with the jawbone, they greatly reduce the effects of jawbone weakness that can occur over time after a tooth is lost. They are easier to keep clean, which helps the mouth the stay fresh. And they can bring back the enjoyment in eating and drinking that the patient had with their natural teeth.

A life-enhancing treatment

The dental implant procedure is carried out at many practices in the southeast of England, like Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent. Dental implants, once fitted, can stay with the patient for the rest of their life, as long as they are properly cared for with good everyday oral hygiene.

Approached with experience

Before the implants are placed in the mouth, the dentist will ensure that the patient’s mouth is healthy enough to accept them. After producing a detailed treatment plan in consultation with the patient, the procedure can begin. Firstly, small titanium posts are placed into the gums, in the gaps left by the missing teeth. After a period of healing, replacement teeth are securely fixed to the tops of the posts.

As the titanium post integrates with the jawbone, it acts as an artificial tooth root, transmitting tiny vibrations to the bone as the mouth goes about its daily business of biting, chewing, and talking. These vibrations stimulate bone growth, maintaining natural density and preventing the sunken look that can often characterises long-term denture wearer due to jawbone deterioration.

Healthy times

Dental implants in Kent reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. They also enable patients to feel more confident when they eat because there’s no chance that a set of dentures will leap out into the minestrone when dining al fresco on holiday. Implants are as easy to clean as natural teeth and they help the other teeth stay in line by robustly filling in the gaps.

Overall, dental implants help patients to maintain normal oral function, while making a long-lasting enhancement to their dental health.