Factors to Consider when Hiring Air Ambulance Service

Inside the air ambulance service helicopterIt is very distressing and confusing when a medical emergency arises, and there is no faster way to get a patient to a hospital.  However, many hospitals and medical emergency services are now offering airlifting services to people in dire need.

They can transport seriously ill or injured person from rural to urban areas where they can receive quality healthcare. Skymed Aeromedical explains that private patient transport services have become an integral part of the healthcare system because of this.

Does it have ground support?

Once a patient is taken to a nearby facility or airport, they might require some means of road transport to take them to a hospital. A good air medical transport service should have a reliable ground support. Remember that if the airlifting service does not have ground transport connections, you may need to arrange for transport to the hospital.

The main aim of airlifting is to save time, and this is the reason you need to hire services that also have effective ground support.


Critically ill patients require care before getting to the hospital. For this reason, enquire from your service providers about the escort team.  It is always advisable to have a staff of caregivers who could accompany the patient.


Airlifting is relatively expensive than road transport. Consequently, you need to have an adequate budget for this. You could enquire from the service providers about the cost and the kinds of services they could offer.


Not every aircraft is designed for patient airlifting. The ones designed for this purpose ought to have all the necessary medical equipment. For instance, a medical transport aircraft should be equipped with life-saving equipment such defibrillators and oxygen masks.


Airlifting is a form of private patient transport services that is now widely used in many parts of the country.  It is safe, reliable and efficient, and ensures everyone will have access to emergency medical care.