Dental Care from Childhood to Later Life

Father and son brushing their teethFinding the right W1 dental clinic for an individual or their family an important decision as the services they require will change throughout their life. Prevention is better than cure for good oral health and this can be achieved through regular, comprehensive check-ups. As soon as children have teeth they should start having appointments as it gets them used to going to the dentist as well as teaching them about good techniques for keeping their teeth clean. Their W1 dental clinic will also offer corrective or cosmetic treatments or emergency procedures such as root canal work or extractions.

Healthy Mouths and Happy Smiles

Having healthy teeth and gums is essential for a beautiful smile so it is essential to look after teeth properly as well as working in conjunction with a W1 dental clinic. Detecting problems early, removing plaque, cleaning and sealing the teeth keeps them strong. The state of gums is also important, not just for fresh breath and tooth stability but also for more general wellbeing. Gum disease can be painful and unsightly but is also linked to more serious illnesses such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease. When people want to change aspects of their appearance, then their W1 dental clinic, such as the Harley Street Dental Clinic, will offer a variety of procedures which are specifically designed to enhance their looks. Treatments such as invisible braces, veneers, white fillings, teeth whitening and dental implants can all improve aesthetics and give people a smile which is as attractive as it is healthy.

Care for Nervous Patients

Many patients avoid going to their dental clinic in W1 due to fear. In some cases, the fear is enough to be classed as a dental phobia and prevents people from seeking the help they can need. Most practices have teams which are trained in current procedures and use modern equipment so, whatever patients need, they can be confident in the treatment. Current approaches are very sympathetic and there are options for pain management and sedation if needed. They can offer a range of approaches from distraction and entertainment to conscious inhalation or intravenous sedation.