Shostakovich's Odna

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Mark Fitz-Gerald talks to Tommy Pearson about discovering, reconstructing, arranging and performing Dmitri Shostakovich's score for the 1929/31 Sound/Silent film, Odna (Alone). Set in late 1920s Leningrad and then in the uncompromising surroundings of the Altai Mountains in Russian Mongolia, the film features a dazzling score for a huge orchestra that includes a banda, the earliest use on a soundtrack of a Theremin, a barrel organ, a soprano, mezzo-soprano and tenor, a choir and an 'overtone' singer. Mark Fitz-Gerald's performance of the score on Naxos with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra is the first complete recording and is Naxos's CD of the Month for January.
[Length : 28 mins / Recorded Jan 2008 / Includes music examples]

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