You Can Do Marketing Without Video Through Photography

Man using a cameraVideo topped marketing trends in the last few years as well as this year, but photography still has a place in modern marketing. A photograph can convey a message worth a thousand words to people, and its versatility makes it a great tool in aspects of marketing where you cannot use video.

At the same time, photography still holds some power over consumers; you can still effectively market even with original photography alone.

How Effective Are Photographs Still?

Now, before you find a studio to do business photography for your Salt Lake City company, you can first find out what photography can do for you. For one, you portray a sense of legitimacy to online consumers: about 60 percent who use online search say they like businesses with images in their listings.

When you sell products, product images can also influence shoppers’ purchase decisions; they affect about 70 percent of consumers.

Start Taking Pictures

With this, no matter what industry you are in, you can greatly benefit from photography even if you choose not to delve into video yet. Photography can already do leaps and bounds for you. What then can you do with business photography in your Salt Lake City business?

Appeal to Emotions

Obviously, you can gain attention from your target market, but you can do so by appealing to their emotions. Humor, for example, makes for a perfect point of connection for you and your target market. You have to appeal to emotions that fall in line with your brand identity, however.

Replace Text

You can also start relying less on the written word as photographs will do the talking for you. You free up space on your website without reducing value. You can even make more interesting ads that need only little text.

Photographs have a power in marketing that will remain for years to come. With this, if you need to improve your marketing strategy, think about how you can best utilize photography to your advantage. You will then see more conversions, clients, and sales as long as you execute things well.