Working with Children Check: A Brief Explanation

Girl Sitting At A Workplace ChairCases of adults mistreating children when they should be the ones protecting them is sadly a reality in different parts of the world as well as in Australia. The government requires employees who are assigned to work with children to apply for a Working with Children Clearance Check so they can protect children and increase their safety and security.

This clearance can be applied using the Northern Territory Police Check Online and can easily be done by employees or with the employers themselves.

What is Working with Children Check?

People who work or volunteer in child related work are required by the government to have a clearance. It includes a national criminal history check as well as a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

This clearance can only give you two types of results. Either you are cleared and would be allowed to work with children for five years, or you will be barred from working with them. Individuals who passed the clearance are subject to ongoing monitoring. Should they misconduct or misbehave, their clearance can be revoked.

How do you apply for such clearance?

Applying for Working with Children Check clearance can easily be done online. The Northern Territory Police require a valid debit or credit card as a mode of payment, a working email address for communication, current Australian postal address, as well as other necessary documents. Relevant documents for identification like valid IDs and passport would be required. Once you fill-up an application form and submit the requirements, the screening process would start, and results would eventually be released.

For people who cannot transact the business online, they may apply in person by going to the designated location, apply through the post, or contact Screening Assessment For Employment (SAFE) in the Northern Territory.

Such clearance is necessary to protect the employees, employers, and children from harm. Start your application today and be able to work with children throughout Australia’s Northern Territory.