Things to Remember Before Renting a Crane

Crane truck on the streetIf you think that renting a crane is all that simple, then you are quite wrong. Before renting one for your next industrial project, you should consider determining some things such as the size of the crane, the price, and everything else.

Today, there are several companies that offer construction crane rental service in Houston such as Lampson International. Here is what to do.

Hire a Rigger

Unless you know how to operate a crane personally, then you should definitely hire a rigger. A rigger is the one who fastens all the straps, cables and chains, and is the one assigned to execute the lifts.

They will also help you with deciding which crane is perfect for your project, so you should hire one even before getting a crane.

Look Around

Ask and look around before finally hiring a company to rent your crane from. Know what you need and discuss this with the potential companies to save time and money. Again, the rigger can help you look around and talk to the companies to help you secure the best deal possible.

Hiring a crane can be pretty expensive, so getting all the help that you can get will definitely help you save some bucks.

Book Early

Once you secure the best deal, make sure to act fast and book it right away. You never know if someone else is trying to secure the deal, and of course, you want to make sure that the crane is secured on the day that you need it.

By booking early, you are also doing the crane company a favor as they will be able to prepare the crane with an ample amount of time.

Prepare the Area

If you need any doors, walls or even windows removed, then have it done even before the crane arrives. Make sure to keep everything clear and have the facility ready for lifting to save you time.

Be the point of contact and be as hands-on as possible to avoid any mishap. Work with your team, and you are surely off to a good start!