The Paperless Office: Yes, You Can Do it Too

Man on his keyboard with a Database word on the monitorAs technology progresses, so should your business. In this digital age, that means considering going paperless, or as paperless as possible, and moving on from time-consuming, paper-based business solutions.

To start you off the paperless route, consider the following.

Consider the Cloud

The “Cloud” has vastly redefined how businesses operate, with more and more enterprises subscribing to SaaS and cloud computing services.

Aside from being paperless, moving your business operations to the cloud also increases overall and individual productivity within a business by providing employees access to critical work information anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any device.

This means that your entire workplace would become more flexible because employees could still work and have access to pertinent information while out on the field. And these days, this isn’t an option, but a necessity.

Automate All Time-Consuming Business Processes

This is an excellent way to eliminate paper clutter and boost productivity for employees and managers. For instance, take the process of purchase order management.

You can easily perform this manual, paper-full and meticulous process with a cloud-based PO management system; from creating purchase orders to purchase order acknowledgement, which you can achieve using applications offered by firms such as SourceDay.

Another time sucker process is the employee onboarding process. When you make the shift to paperless onboarding, your new employees will spend less time sifting through mountains of paperwork, instruction manuals, and handbooks, and managers could easily appoint, monitor, and store new tasks for employees.

Leverage the Power of Apps

As you probably know by now, there is an app out there for you whatever your needs. When you take advantage of today’s powerful mobile apps, you and your workforce could spend less time managing tons of paperwork and more time to focus on more important business operations.

With today’s ever-changing work environment and technological advances, you too could easily transition from a paper-based office to a nearly paperless workplace. Maintaining a virtually paperless office is not just about going green and reducing paper-related costs, but more about becoming more productive.