The 4 Industrial Products That Benefit from Shot Peening

Compression springsDifferent cold working processes aim to finish surfaces for longevity, but shot peening stands as one of the most efficient of them.

The abrasives act as tiny peening hammers that indent and dimple surfaces to create a layer of residual compressive stress. You, however, should know on which industrial products to use this technique. Among them include:

Compression Springs

Automobile engine manufacturers have been using peened compression springs for over five decades. This is because they realise that peening increases fatigue resistance in valve springs. Syntech added that peening could also increase fatigue resistance in coiled torsion and extension springs.

Shafts & Axles

The shear sections of shafts may fail when you overload them. This design helps protect the loads and equipment they are driving. As these shear sections are thinner than other parts of the shafts, they are prone to early failures from fatigue.

You can enhance fatigue properties in most shafts and axles, especially in notched shafts and rear axles, by peening them. In most cases, however, you will only need to peen in splines, key-ways, fillets, and the shear sections.


Peening gears are one of the most common applications. Among the types of gears, you can peen to enhance resistance to fatigue — for power tool gears and gears in automobiles, mining equipment, and large ships. Ideally, the indentations on peened gear surfaces also act as tiny oil reservoirs that promote lubrication.


Modern-day automobile economics lay great emphasis on reconditioning large crankshafts as a means of recycling them. This reconditioning includes crack inspection, then grinding the crankshaft surface to blend out the cracks regardless of whether the original equipment manufacturer had cold worked it. However, the most recommended way to restore residual compressive stresses and cold-work effects are using controlled peening.

Other industrial products that respond exceptionally well to shot peening (to reduce fretting fatigue) are connecting rods, bearing braces, and feed rollers. You should also peen the discs, shafts, blades and buckets in air compressors, stationary turbines, and jet engines to improve their fatigue, fretting, and galling properties.